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Helping parents safely navigate today’s pop-culture chaos.

Don’t let the media’s voice be louder than your own.

Positive media = positive life choices for our kids…

As a former actress, Miss America contestant, OSCARS staffer and musical performer, I’ve seen the underbelly of the media machine in its many forms. Now a homeschooling parent with four kids of my own, I am passionate about exposing the real agenda behind the entertainment industry and offering positive media alternatives so we can protect the foundational development of our kids.

Tina Griffin | The Counter Culture Mom Show

Expert insight to help you protect your kids from the media’s hidden agendas.

Each episode covers critical topics to help parents boost the health of your family’s media diet.

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Watch Tina’s interview with Kelly Lester, who wanted to work at an abortion clinic to help women. Nine months later she had witnessed enough deception and quickly left her job. In this revealing episode, Kelly exposes the manipulative tactics that were used to coerce women to end their pregnancy and usher their family members out of the waiting room.

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